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Nepal Mountain Expedition

Nepal, home to Mount Everest, birth place of Lord Buddha is dominated by the world's most imposing mountains. This tiny, hospitable country has since become an exceptionally popular destination for adventure climber and expedition enthusiastic, whether they are in search of climbing and expedition challenges or spiritual enlightenment.

Nepal’s third section Himalayas stretch across the northern section of Nepal. Eight of the ten highest peaks in the world are located here, and most are covered with permanent snowfields. The area is sparsely populated, with little vegetation above the tree-line (4,200 meters).

Absolute Adventure Treks & Expedition offer the mountaineering expedition for adventurous traveler; minor peaks are open for Alpine climbing through the Nepal Mountaineering Association. This association is formed to control climbing in the Nepalese Himalayas to protect the health and safety both of the climbers and the mountains. Absolute Adventure Treks & Expedition is member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association can make all arrangements for peak-climbing excursion as well as acquiring the necessary permits. All climbers should obtain permission for peak climbing through a Government   recognized trekking agency with member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Mountaineering in Nepal is one of the most attraction and courageous parts rather than high adventure trekking. Eight of the world's 14 peaks over 8000m including Mt. Everest (8,848m), Kanchenjunga (8,586m),Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m), Cho Oyu (8,201m), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Manaslu (8,163m) Annapurna (8,091m), are  located in Nepal Himalaya. Mountaineering   expedition is developing heavily by its separate charm and inspiration to the courageous people after Sir Edmond Hillary and Late Tenzing Norge Sherpa first climbed Mt. Everest (8,848m)  in May 29, 1953, after their long time's effort.

Beside Royalty and other government liable charges, Absolute Adventure Treks Company provides best services with experienced climbing Sherpa Sirdar and other mountaineering staffs to ensure the safety and success of your expedition in very negotiable price.

Dhaulagiri Expedition

 Dhaulagiri ExpeditionMt. Dhaulagiri 8167m. is the 7th highest mountain in the world and its located in the Dhaulagiri Himal. Mt. Dhaulagiri lies in the Dhaulagiri Zone of north-central Nepal, northwest of Pokhara. Its name is derived from Sanskrit “Dhavala" means "White" and Giri is "Mountain". The Mountain first time scaled by Mr. Ernest. Forrer and his team K. Diemberger, P. Diener, A. Schelbert from Switzerland in May 13, 1960 via North East Ridge. A French team was permitted to climb either Annapurna or Dhaulagiri in 1950 but decided to climb Annapurna after a reconnaissance of Dhaulagiri.

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Mt. Pumori Expedition

Mt. Pumori ExpeditionMt. Pumori is one of the most popular and delightful mountain which is situated in the Northwest part of Nepal at Khumbu Region. This is a moderate technical pyramid snow and rock mountain for climbing. Generally three camps are set in the approach above the base camp for climbing. Our normal route is classic South-East Ridge for climbing.

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Tilico peak expedition

Tilico peak expeditionMt. Tilicho Peak is towers at the height of 7,134m. Mountaineers rate this as a technical climb, and not so easy. There are two ways to reach up to Base Camp. Tilicho Peak expedition starts up with a drive Khudi followed by several days trekking to the Tilicho Base Camp via Manang and Khansar Village as well as another way is a short mountain flight from Pokhara brought us to the dry and dusty hill town of Jomsom as well as start from Beni Bazaar to Jomsom.

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Baruntse Peak Expedition

Baruntse Peak ExpeditionMount Baruntse is a substantial and symmetrical snow peak, has four ridges and four summits. It is bounded on the east by the Barun Glacier flowing north-south from Cho, to the north-west by the Imja glacier and the Hunku glacier forms the south-east boundary. The three main ridges of Barun Tse are situated between these glaciers and form an upturned 'Y'running from Cho Polu (6695m) in the north past the Humni La

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Ama Dablam Expedition

Ama Dablam Expedition Mt. Ama Dablam has been considered the prettiest mountain in the world, high on her Southwest face hangs a glacier resembling a 'Dablam' - the sacred ornament box worn by ladies in the Sherpa community. It was spectacular feature that got her the name "Ama Dablam". She lies alongside Everest in the heart of the Khumbu Valley offering a superb diversions close up view of Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Pumori, Island Peak and Mt. Everest.

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Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu  ExpeditionMt. Manaslu- the accent is on the second syllable: Man-as-loo rather then mana-sloo- was peak XXX of the Indian Survey and was at the first called Kutang I, a name derived from it being the highest peak in the local district of Kutang. However, as tang is Tibetan for Flat area the name could be from the virtually that summit plateau, a distinctive feature of the peak when received from the Larkya la

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International Cho Oyu Expedition

International Cho Oyu Expedition Mt. Cho-Oyu (Mt. Qowowuyag) is the world’s sixth highest most popular mountain located between Nepal and Tibet (China). The mountain would be the best choice for the mountaineers who want to stand on the summit of 8000 meter peak due to its straight forward climbing with minimal objective danger and less technically demanding. Cho Oyu climbing has the higher rate of success than any other 8000 meter peak climbing in Nepal and Tibet. The mountain was first climbed by Hebert Tichy in 1954. We arrange both the logistic support to ABC and fully guided Cho Oyu expedition.

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Mt. Makalu Expedition

Mt. Makalu ExpeditionMt. Makalu was first climbed on May 15, 1955 by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of a French expedition led by Jean Franco. Franco, G. Magnone and Sirdar Gyaltsen Norbu summited the next day successfully, followed by Bouvier, S. Coupe, Leroux and A. Vialatteon the 17th. The French team climbed Makalu by the north face and northeast ridge, via the saddle between Makalu and Kangchungtse (the Makalu-La), establishing the standard route.

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Lhotse Expedition

Lhotse Expedition Mt. Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world. Its long east-west crest is located immediately south of Mount Everest, and the summits of the two mountains are connected by the South Col, a vertical ridge that never drops below 8,000 meters. It is considered an independent mountain. It was first climbed by Mr. Ernst Reiss & Fritz Luchsinger of Switzerland on May 18, 1956 via West Face route.

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Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga Expedition Mt. Kanchenjunga Main is the third highest mountain in the world. From 1838 until 1849, it was believed to be the highest. It is an enormous mountain mass, and many satellite peaks rise from its narrow icy ridges. It is located on the border of Nepal and Sikkim, just 46 miles northwest of Darjeeling (India). It is the most easterly of the great 8,000 meter peaks of the Himalaya. In keeping with its name "five treasure houses of the great snows" the Kanchenjunga Mountain is a grand collection of shapely spires

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Annapurna Expedition

 Annapurna ExpeditionThe Mt. Annapurna I lies in the western part of Nepal and it is a Sanskrit word which when broken down, would mean, "Sustenance" and "filled with". So the name would translate into "The Goddess rich in Sustenance" or simply "The Provider". It was first climbed by Mr. Maurice Herzog’s book & Louis Lachenal of France in June 03, 1950 via North face. After June 03, 1950 there are many people scaled the mountain.

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Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition The Mount Everest is the World highest peak 29028ft. (8848m.) through which the climbing toppers feel them selves as the most proud and adventurous personnel of the World. Late Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norge Sherpa first climbed this peak in May 29, 1953 , after their long time's effort.

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